Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pay more if you delay settling traffic summonses

KUALA LUMPUR: From March 1, motorists can forget about delaying payment of traffic summonses in the hope of massive discounts during campaigns organised by the police or other authorities.
The Cabinet has agreed to restructure the system for paying traffic summonses based on the principle that “the more you delay, the more you pay”, said Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha.
Motorists will also not be slapped with demerit points if they settle outstanding summonses within three months.
Depending on the category of the offence, motorists can save as much as RM150 for each summons if they choose to pay within 15 days of getting it, instead of delaying the payment up to the 60th day.
However, there will not be any reduction in the amount for the category involving serious offences which cause accidents and deaths.

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  1. I strongly agreed about restructuring the system payment. That help the motorists to settle their summons but for the massive discounts during campaigns. I think government should reduce the summons below RM100 within the campaigns and state the time for the campaigns maybe should be 2 month. Then can be a normal price back at the end of the campaigns. So i think this is much better.tq