Monday, February 14, 2011

How to stay healthy for student only! :p

1.      Get enough sleep.
When it comes to balancing busy schedules, students tend to put sleep low on their list of priorities. Don’t do this. Sleep on a regular schedule. This can be hard for a student. You may find yourself getting up early three days a week for your morning class and sleeping in until noon on the weekends. So try to stick to a regular sleeping pattern.
2.      Learn to relax. This can be a difficult goal for a student, but do your best. Learn to put things in perspective. If you get a C on that test you’re freaking out about, nothing catastrophic will happen.
3.      The importance of exercise. Exercise is probably the number one solution to stress, and bad health. Example work in walking. You’re on a college campus, so take full advantage of walking opportunities!.Spend time at the student recreational center. Find an activity that you like. You don’t need to spend hours and hours working out to feel the benefits. To help manage stress, a good exercise plan will not only keep your body strong and fit, but will also keep your mind more focused. 

4.      Getting your diet right. This is actually taking very much about getting the right nutrients, which requires good decisions about what you will eat. If you want to keep up with long hours of studying and staying up late at night to finish your requirements, then what you need is good nutrition to sustain you. Instead of eating at fast foods or having take-outs for lunch and dinner, some home-cooking can go a long way to keep you healthy.

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