Monday, February 14, 2011

Can phobia be cured?

I'm sure many of you can relate to this situation;
you take the elevator and go up to 80th of 81 building.
Once you get out of the elevator,
you continue your journey and suddenly decide to look down from balcony.
so you look down and see the distance of the 80th floor from the ground and an uneasy feeling churns up in your stomach.
Well that's the same experience I have whenever i'm in a high rise building.
Actually i'm afraid of heights.
The real question here is whether a phobia can be cured.
In my opinion,YES definitely! Normally on reality television shows such as The Amazing Race, participants have to face challenges related to heights.
For sure at the start participants are terrified but eventually they face their fear! 
 the first step to cure your phobia is face what you afraid of! yes my friends, facing your fears definitely help!so for those who have major phobias,try facing your fears more often! good luck beb!

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